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My children’s very different personalities

The other evening they sat down to draw for me.

Daniel drew a soldier:

Michael drew a picture of me:

The Princess wrote out a passage from the bible:

Look, cut her some slack, she’s left handed, it reads “God says let my people go or I will make the rivers run with blood.” She’s very taken with the gore of the Old Testament. My mother gave her a bible for children for her birthday. It is quite sanatised and, in fact, says rather blandly of the first plague “God made the water undrinkable”. When the Princess read this out to me I was initially confused and then after a moment’s reflection said “Oh the rivers of blood.” This has taken a very strong hold on her imagination is all I can say.

3 Responses to “My children’s very different personalities”

  1. cha0tic Says:

    You’ve got lovely long legs according to Michael.

  2. town mouse Says:

    this puts a whole new slant on life in the Waffle household.

  3. Mikeachim Says:

    You kinda look like a head with legs and an anxious expression, with one big arm scratching the top of your head.

    Maybe Michael drew you as you were wrestling mentally with the Princess’s “rivers of blood” thing.

    Maybe she wants to be a bridge engineer, and this is the first glimmering. You never know.

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