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People who add items to the shopping list in this house have plenty of opinions:

Small test, see if you can guess what the item that looks like “unandell” might be.

7 Responses to “Messages”

  1. SRTCD Says:


  2. SRTCD Says:

    And we must meet up.

  3. Viviane Says:

    It’s not the only one I can’t read.. let’s see : is “mandels” an english word ? Really, I don’t know.

  4. Mr Waffle Says:

    SRTCD is right – it’s clearly “marmalade.”

  5. islaygirl Says:

    i agree. marmalade!!!

  6. nicola Says:

    I’m intrigued by ‘pasta for Michael’ – is he going gluten-free or something?

  7. belgianwaffle Says:

    Yes, yes, you are all right. It is marmalade. This is not a pleasing response, you know. And yes, SRTCD – lunch? No, Nic, he is not going gluten free or not more gluten free than he is already. He eats that fresh pasta with spinach and ricotta, sometimes, if we ask nicely.

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