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Reasons to buy the LRB

From a review of a book on Wal-Mart:

“Wal-mart is about price, so much so that it has created a reification of cheapness, in which cheapness becomes a mystical quality, a Ding an sich or fundamental essence…”

And you thought it was just a supermarket.

8 Responses to “Reasons to buy the LRB”

  1. Beachhutman Says:

    It’s less than that!

  2. Brother Lawrence Says:

    I bought one of those Ding an sichs, but was very disappointed. It didn’t seem to serve any useful purpose. Two thumbs down.

  3. CAD Says:

    Somebody somewhere has been bought! Can we please have mystically low prices?

  4. Mikeachim Says:

    A reification?
    What’s an ification? What happens when you ify something?
    Or maybe they mean ‘iffy’, ie. of dubious merit?
    In which case, Wal-Mart is reconfirmed as being cheap and dodgy?

  5. undercovercookie Says:

    Ding an sich means “a thing in itself”, …. sounds more like a thing UP itself.

  6. pog Says:

    A dead cert for ‘Pseuds’ Corner’.

  7. lilo Says:

    … and in English?

  8. belgianwaffle Says:

    I may have a subscription to give away – watch this space.

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