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The poor Princess is and the rest of the world isn’t great either. Unless you count

The Middle East is awful. I remember hearing an Irish guy who was with the UN peace keeping force in the Lebannon many years ago blasting the Israelis and their agression and, you know, I read Pity the Nation as a student at the instigation of my then boyfriend (I feel I’ve mentioned this here before, but it was a hard read, alright).
On the other hand, an acquaintance whose sister lives in Israel described to me how driving round in their hired car all the young soldiers kept waving at them from their outposts (apparently you can tell hired cars from their plates – I imagine that this keeps you safer, if you’re a tourist) and I suppose that just makes me see the Israeli soldiers as vulnerable young fellas (and girls, though, I presume, they weren’t doing the waving). I suspect the inhabitants of Beirut have a different view.

3 Responses to “Poxy”

  1. heather Says:

    No matter how much I read and how much it is explained to me I cannot understand the middle-east situation – I find myself agreeing with the last thing I have read/heard which probably makes me stupid. I don’t understand chicken pox either but I do have an interesting scar from it in my cleavage (or where my cleavage would once have been)

  2. KE Says:

    Heather, that’s the best description of the Middle East I’ve heard. The Middle East situation is like chicken pox – it’s incomprehensible and it leaves scars. That’s what I’m going to tell Baby E about it when she asks me one day.

  3. belgianwaffle Says:

    I knew that the link was obvious…

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