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L’Actualité Dans Toute Sa Majesté

When we lived in Belgium, I used to occasionally buy and read “Royals” magazine. The clue is in the title; it goes large on the Belgian royal family but all of the European royals feature from time to time (the Grimaldis are my absolute favourites; what a family) and sometimes more exotic royals from Asia or the Middle East. I used to read it in a post-modern, ironic way and, because it’s in French, it’s clearly not the same as reading, say, “Hello” magazine which I am obviously too lofty to read.

Mr. Waffle goes to Brussels for work from time to time and on his return he often picks me up a (post-modern, ironic) copy of “Royals” magazine. Inspired by his success he got me a subscription to 12 months of “Royals” magazine last Christmas. I have to tell you I was not delighted, I felt I’d tipped over from post-modern, ironic to weird middle-aged Belgian royalist lady. Anyway 12 months later, my subscription has finally expired. If you need to know anything about the Belgian royal family, ask me now. While I have to say that I enjoyed it more than I expected to, I am glad to have reverted to being an occasional consumer of Belgian royal family news rather than the Irish expert on Prince Laurent’s latest quirk.


3 Responses to “L’Actualité Dans Toute Sa Majesté”

  1. Charles Lock Says:

    Brushing aside events in the Congo the Belgian royal family are a bit racier than tha of the British, or perhaps it would be true to say more is known of their extra curricular activities. Everyone should have a specialist subject to produce in emergencies and now we know yours. Mine is Victorian and Edwardian boys fiction, anyone for GA Henry or Percy Westerman?

  2. Charles Lock Says:

    We now your mastermind specialist subject.

  3. Praxis Says:

    I have various occasional guilty reads, which are slipping out of ‘ironic’ territory the more I indulge them and the older I get (and so the closer I am to their target demographic). Probably the worst is The Lady, which I occasionally pick up if I’m in the UK – I’m slowly socialising myself by reading the etiquette column, and I enjoy the thrill of occasionally completing its (particularly easy) cryptic crossword. It’s very embarrassing to be caught reading it on a train. I also like Lancashire Life, especially the social columns where I watch my fellow Northerners pretending they’re in the Cotswolds – showing off their latest kitchen extension or attending a charity do (both with Prosecco and hair extensions a-go-go).

    They always say the French lap up the royalty mags, despite (because of?) having no royalty of their own.

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