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When I checked my personal mobile as I left the office this evening, I saw that herself had called me at 2. I rang her back. “Oh yeah, it was an emergency when I called you. The cat caught a mouse and brought it into the utility room.” “What happened?” I asked. “I shut the door and called Dad and he’s going to deal with it when he gets home.” Cravenly, I cycled home very slowly. Mr. Waffle opened the front door to me. “Did you find the mouse?” I asked. He had not. We both looked again but could find no trace. Could the cat have eaten it all, including the tail? She is certainly less hungry than usual this evening. Alternatively are there mouse body parts quietly rotting in an unseen corner of the utility room? It’s all to play for, folks.

3 Responses to “Ominous”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Go Hodge!! It’s always interesting when they try to keep you guessing.

  2. Blythe Says:

    Maybe the mouse wasn’t dead? And it escaped?

  3. belgianwaffle Says:

    Andrea, I am not entirely sure I agree. Blythe, we can only hope. Still no sign of a corpse.

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