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Poetry for Digital Natives

Herself: I thought T.S. Eliot only wrote cat poems.
Me: Um, no, he’s probably more famous for somewhat less accessible poems.
Herself: Like what?
Me (handing her a book of T.S. Eliot poetry which I have to hand, I am almost unbearably smug): Have a look at this.
Her (after perusing for some time): ‘April is the cruellest month’ is clearly clickbait. I mean, it’s really, ‘You won’t believe this one astonishing fact that makes April worse than all the other months.’

2 Responses to “Poetry for Digital Natives”

  1. disgruntled Says:

    haha! Busted, Tom Eliot. Then again, all poetry should be clickbaity in being something of an affront to receive wisdom, otherwise why bother. Discuss…

  2. belgianwaffle Says:

    You should be writing examination questions…

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