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More Cork, Other Places

Posting will be light as we are off on our holidays to West Cork for a week. I have hired a house without wifi. The children are going to be appalled.

Then when we get back, we are going to Paris. I know, Paris in August. I yearn for a simpler time when you said to Irish people that you were going to France on holidays and they didn’t ask you where. And if they did ask you, they didn’t know enough to say, “Paris, in August? Are you mad? There are only tourists and it will be baking and everything will be closed.” I also had to grit my teeth and tell the French exchange’s mother who was most amused. But she and her family will be back before we leave and I am quite looking forward to getting the two families together so that will be nice. And maybe, possibly, Paris will be nice.

Full debrief will follow on our return. Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “More Cork, Other Places”

  1. Charles Lock Says:

    Paris is in Northern Europe if you look at a map, you may be lucky. Very pretty but the most dreadful flea pit full of con men and riff raff. Enjoy and keep a hand on your wallet, speaking as one who was conned, and I have seen my share of large and dubious conurbations…

  2. Charles Lock Says:

    Enough already, how long is this holiday?

  3. belgianwaffle Says:

    We were not conned, I think. But we are back as of yesterday. Hold on to your hats etc.

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