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Badum Tish

Mr. Waffle: There are no gloves for the children.
Me: There are loads of gloves in the bag in the press in the hall.
Him: They don’t match.
Me: Lots of them do and it doesn’t matter, if they don’t match anyway.
Him: We need more gloves.
Me: We definitely don’t. Have you seen the gloves on the radiator in the utility room?
Him: Yes, you’ve been harping on those, why is that?
Me: Because we have loads of gloves and I know that given half a chance you will zoom out to Lidl and buy loads more.
Him: Do you want this to be a gloveless marriage?

9 Responses to “Badum Tish”

  1. disgruntled Says:

    As someone who only seems to have left hand gloves, I can confirm you can definitely have loads of gloves and yet no gloves at the same time. But you can also wear a left hand glove on your right hand.

  2. belgianwaffle Says:

    My point exactly, especially if it’s a woolly one. I appreciate that this is less true of the ones with a plastic rain proof exterior.

  3. disgruntled Says:

    This is why I buy black leather gloves. They’re remarkably stretchable (especially when wet, as I sadly know to my cost)

  4. Charles Says:

    There is a Heisenberg effect here, you can either know how many gloves you have, or which hand they fit, but you can only know one of these things at a precise moment in time.

    In the last month I have bought expensive hiking mits in Scotland and cheap skiing mits in Aldi and the jury is still out on which is best.

  5. belgianwaffle Says:

    You will be pleased to hear that in the face of relentless demands, I have yielded to Mr. Waffle and he is off to Aldi at the weekend to get gloves. Will let you know how they compare to cheap woolly ones (favourably, one hopes).

  6. belgianwaffle Says:

    Funnily enough, it hardly ever rains in Dublin, Scotland is much wetter I reckon though, not as wet as Cork, I suspect.

  7. disgruntled Says:

    It’s being on the west side that does it.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I need some gloves like I never needed gloves before,
    (You gotta knit some for me baby)
    I had a paid of gloves, and now I’m back for more,
    Don’t let your fingers freeze,
    Wrap them up in fleece.

  9. belgianwaffle Says:

    Re rain, I suppose it is, lucky old sheltered east side. Jennifer, I see I have opened up the potential for much humour here…

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