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Sundry Matters

Herself has an excellent Business teacher. She really enjoys the subject and, with his encouragement, entered and won a national competition last year. I have met him: he seems able and on the ball.

All this is to give some context to this unnerving conversation.

Her: I can’t stand it any more.
Me: What?
Her: When we are doing accounts, there are always at the end “sundry creditors”.
Me: Yes, and?
Her: Well someone asked [the business teacher] why all of these companies for whom we are doing imaginary accounts seem to owe money to “Sun dry” and whether it is a particular kind of company.
Me [bad person]: Snigger.
Her: That’s not the bad part, he said, that it must just be the example company that they use in the book and now everyone in the class except me thinks that sundry is pronounced “sun dry” and it’s the name of a made up company. What should I do?

3 Responses to “Sundry Matters”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Anonymous letter from you to the “teacher”?

  2. Charles Says:

    Possible that suppliers of Sun Dried tomatoes are a bad credit risk? Object lesson on what not to make a joke about. It is quite sad that nobody in the class apart from herself, knew what sundry meant. Possibly a letter to the English department would be of more use.

    Impressed that they are taught business at school, I learnt this stuff at business school during a second degree.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Interesting etymology including Old Irish “sain” meaning “different”.

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