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We Live in a Small Country

When the Princess was in Neuschwanstein during her Bavarian odyssey recently, she met a woman from Cork. “I asked her where exactly in Cork she was from because I knew you would want to know,” she said. Apparently, they had a grand old chat following on this auspicious beginning.

Then during the recent snowmaggedon we were all watching the six o’clock news and they eventually went to Cork, to Carrigaline, for a vox pop on the snow. As a woman started talking about the state of the snow the Princess yelled at the telly, “That’s her, that’s the woman from Cork that I met in Neuschwanstein.” I can’t help feeling that this kind of thing is much less part of the lives of people who live in larger countries.

4 Responses to “We Live in a Small Country”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What an extraordinary coincidence!

  2. disgruntled Says:

    This is the sort of thing that never ever happens if you live in London, but is an everyday part of life once you move to Dumfries and Galloway

  3. eimear Says:

    Not directly relevant, but my first summer in college, a friend and I worked in a hotel near Neuschwanstein (along with a number of Irish* and British people). Friend and I went back to visit about 18 months ago and finally went on the tours of the castle (and its lesser known across the valley companion) that we had never managed while there.

    *Including a few from Bandon. The Irish people were mostly students, the English and Scottish people mostly not except for one English guy. He was from S. England whereas all the rest were from N. England and when he mentioned he had voted for the Tories he got a real earful. I swear his name was actually Tim.

  4. belgianwaffle Says:

    J, I think it is as disgruntled says, smaller places get this a lot… E, poor nice but dim.

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