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Changed or Gone

Herself is in transition year and we are sending her off to France for three months. She got on a plane on her own unaccompanied for the first time this afternoon. We got her her own bank card. In a weird way, giving her freedom of the cash machines felt even more of a sign that she was growing up.

We saw her off at the airport, even her brothers came. I am a bit heartbroken. I will really, really miss her but I think she will love it and it will be a terrific experience for her. But three months. We met her friend’s mother in the park on Sunday and she said to me, “You are very brave because she will be a completely different person when she comes back.” I know it is true but I’m not entirely sure I welcomed hearing it.

Anyway she has just this instant landed in Paris and her first message confirmed that her phone credit has come through so all is well.

6 Responses to “Changed or Gone”

  1. Conor Galvin Says:

    Oh wow…. how did that happen? Did someone hit fast-forward?

  2. heather Says:

    double wow – you are giving her a great gift but I realise it’s at a hard cost to you

  3. Suzy Says:

    Does she/you Whatsapp? It is really excellent for keeping in touch with young people…we have different groups, and the whole family group no1 son refers to as ‘the hive mind’. It is a great help in these circumstances….

  4. belgianwaffle Says:

    I know Heather, Conor, it seems super speedy and, of course, you’ve know her since she was born! Yes, Suzy, we do whatsapp but my experience is that she’s a bit dubious about the “hive mind” sadly; sometimes she’ll have a look but sometimes not so much….

  5. Suzy Says:

    Possibly she is not yet old enough….our ‘hive mind’ is 19, 23 and 5(cough, cough)2 on Saturday.

    Please do not add those up!

    But WhatsApp has seen us through the young people being in Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and now ‘the little one’ is in the UK while the rest of us are hanging in Belgium.

    My beloved, alas, is not part of the mind…too much technology..

  6. belgianwaffle Says:

    Herself seems resigned but not enthused re Whatsapp.

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