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Font News

I was alerted by Eoin to “Typography for Lawyers“. And wordles too, but that’s incidental (I just mention it here because I thought you would like to know).

I now find myself looking at books to see what font they are set in.

And now, Jon has a post about how to create your own font. The excitement.

Whatcha think?


It’s harder than you might imagine.

Is it all getting a bit weird over here?

5 Responses to “Font News”

  1. Praxis Says:

    How touching that Brussels should be your first thought. Bxl misses you too!

  2. sibling Says:

    knew a student graphic artist once. Fonts are a big deal. Getting the right combination between interesting and readability.

  3. townmouse Says:

    As someone who spent most of their double-french lessons carefully designing their own handwriting (so that nobody can read my numbers to this day), I’m going to have a go at that myself. Of course, being able to speak French would probably be more useful now

  4. Jon Worth Says:

    Glad you liked it! It does indeed take a few tries until you get it right… but it’s a fun idea, and the tech for it is refreshingly simple.

  5. belgianwaffle Says:

    Praxis, I am glad to hear it. TM, v. keen to see your effort in due course – Hel, you should try too.

    Jon, it’s a lot harder than I expected..

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