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Weekend Round-Up

December 10th, 2017

On Friday night there was no hockey training for Michael as it was cancelled due to cold weather. This is not the kind of attitude adopted by the hardy GAA players/coaches to cold weather; it was very welcome though. I had my office Christmas party so although it was my Friday half day, I went back in about 5 having spent the afternoon picking up my daughter’s bike from school (she was on the DART to friend in Wicklow) and watching a film in front of the fire with my loving sons. I was reluctant to go back to work but did and it was grand but I felt dutiful and virtuous rather than having fun and letting my hair down; possibly for the best. I bailed out about 7 to pick up herself from the DART. She was going to a friend’s Christmas carol concert in Trinity. I was a bit dubious – I have been stung before by youth choirs. We met her other friend J in front of Trinity and then went into the chapel where the concert was to be and to my surprise and delight it was quite warm. And then the concert itself was absolutely superb. The singers were amazing; they were unaccompanied but sounded utterly beautiful. The performance included the only good version of “Away in a Manger” that I have ever heard (sorry everyone). My favourite song was probably “Gaudete” but they were really all excellent. Afterwards herself and myself went to supper and that was lovely too although she was exhausted by the time we got home.

On Saturday afternoon, Daniel had his final GAA session of the year (7 a side tournament – which his team won – followed by pizza). You will note that the GAA were not put off by inclement weather like the hockey people. Michael meanwhile had his drama showcase (v good if a bit confusing). Herself and myself attended and we picked up glitter Christmas glasses.


Afterwards we went to look at the Christmas window in Arnott’s (for me, for me, children only v mildly interested) and got on the new extended Luas line home (verdict from children – “it’s a tram”).

On Saturday night we all trooped off to see the Princess win an award. My poor parents and parents-in-law are not really well enough to attend this kind of event any more and my brother and sister are a bit too busy and far away so herself had to make do with enthusiastic support from her parents and some lacklustre support from her brothers who were, you know, supportive but a little bored.

This morning we had mass (herself mentioned from the pulpit for her award but they got her name wrong so, um, swings and roundabouts) and choir rehearsal. Had a great chat with one of the other parents while waiting for rehearsal to end. Like my mother, he is from Limerick and v interested in horses. I was asking how his daughter was getting on in secondary school and he said that he had spent last night explaining sets to her. “It is,” said he, “very useful for working things out if you want to put a combination on the tote.” He spent some time trying to explain this to me but, unlike his 13 year old, I seem to be a slow learner, I am glad, however, that somebody has found a practical example for the use of sets.

At lunch time we took ourselves off to see a special screening of “A Muppet Christmas Carol” in the cinema. Singing along was encouraged but it did feel like Michael and I were the only ones who knew all the words; so we were, I thought, a little conspicuous. We had hoped to go and look at the snow in the mountains but it was too cold and wet (I mean, I know snow is wet but you want blue skies to enjoy it not leaden sleeting ones) and we realised, belatedly, that herself has grown out of her hiking boots and would have to climb the mountain in Converse runners so instead, we went to the parents-in-law for a visit and now we are home, I have lit the fire and nobody is going anywhere for the remainder of the evening.

How was your own weekend?

Term 1 – Sporting and Other Achievements

December 8th, 2017

Daniel’s hurling team (U12 C team) has come second in its division (division 10 and that’s not the lowest division, there are millions of kids hurling in Dublin), his football team (U12 B team) has come second in its division (division 5 and there are even more football than hurling divisions) and they were knocked out in the final of the school football tournament. Pretty close every time. Next season, we might get the cup or at least a cup. He is cheerful about his achievements all the same. It’s unclear whether his teams will be promoted like in English soccer (unclear to me anyway,I’m sure the GAA coaches know) and what impact that will have on next year.

Michael got a cert for completing his first term of hockey training. It’s early days.

Meanwhile, herself is up for an award the parish put her up for. There’s a big ceremony at the weekend and she’s allowed to bring five guests. I’m thinking we can just go with her but she’s not sure whether her brothers will be able to face it when the alternative would be a nice evening at home with electronic devices. Possibly a realistic assessment. I’ll keep you posted.

Saint Nicolas, Patron des Ecoliers

December 7th, 2017

We left Belgium 9 and a half years ago but yet, around the end of November, Michael began to ask, “When is Saint Nicolas coming?” “He comes to Belgian children on December 6, but I hardly think you count at this stage,” I replied. However, on December 5 all the shoes went out and were filled at about 11.30, by a chocolate Paddington and a miniature packet of Pringle’s crisps. Saint Nicolas’s helpers realised that there had been a terrible misunderstanding. Each thought the other was sorting Daniel. So, at 11.30, one went down to the Spar and bought Pringles. In the morning, Daniel said dolefully, that he had wanted a chocolate Santa. Herself, regarding the M&S Paddington dubiously said, “I’ll swap you for this, Saint Nicolas isn’t what he once was, it used to always be a Leonidas Santa.”


Who knows whether Saint Nicolas will visit us next year?

Thought for the Day

December 6th, 2017

Me: When the children leave home, I wonder what we’ll do at the weekends?
Him: Hmm. I don’t know.
Me: We could go to mass in the pro-Cathedral and hear the Palestrina choir on Sunday. And then we could go for a nice walk in the mountains somewhere. [Pause] Why didn’t we do that kind of thing before we had children?
Him: It’s possible that your views have changed. Maybe in your 20s mass and a walk was not your idea of a fun Sunday.

Badum Tish

December 5th, 2017

Mr. Waffle: There are no gloves for the children.
Me: There are loads of gloves in the bag in the press in the hall.
Him: They don’t match.
Me: Lots of them do and it doesn’t matter, if they don’t match anyway.
Him: We need more gloves.
Me: We definitely don’t. Have you seen the gloves on the radiator in the utility room?
Him: Yes, you’ve been harping on those, why is that?
Me: Because we have loads of gloves and I know that given half a chance you will zoom out to Lidl and buy loads more.
Him: Do you want this to be a gloveless marriage?

Plans for Tuesday Evening

December 4th, 2017

After work on Tuesday, we have the following:
Invitation to a book launch
Invitation to Christmas drinks
A meeting of the school parents’ council
Michael’s weekly scouts meeting
Mr. Waffle’s weekly soccer

Things which made the cut:
The book launch
Michael’s scouts

Things I feel bad about (in order of priority):
The parents’ council
The Christmas drinks
Mr. Waffle’s soccer

Biggish meeting at work on Wednesday, likelihood I will end up working a bit late on Tuesday: 100%

How much I am enjoying having it all at the moment: 0%

Weekend Round-Up

December 3rd, 2017

The weekends are going to be the death of me. I am limping towards Christmas. I was out a bit during the week which didn’t help general grumpiness levels by the time we got to the weekend (pub quiz on Wednesday night where I thought I had a crack team and we did not win, bitterly disappointing, I digress).

On Friday, Michael stayed home from school sick. This was a mercy as it meant no hockey Friday night and French was cancelled also as T wasn’t available. Herself went off with a friend for a sleepover. Leaving Mr. Waffle to mind the boys on Friday evening, I went to a drink after work for a couple of departing colleagues, I went on from there to a retirement for a much loved former boss who is now a friend. It was lovely but a bit sad. Her husband died suddenly a couple of years ago and they had no children and she is an only child herself so a bit thin on relatives. That said, she more than made up for it with loads of friends and staying in great contact with all of her cousins but still, she and her husband had such great plans for when they retired which, of course, will never now be realised. On the other hand she’s off to New Zealand for all of January hiking with a friend while I will be weeping at my desk so, definitely not all bad.

On Saturday morning, I was outside Tesco with Michael (fully recovered) for two hours flogging tickets to support the scouts. People were really generous especially people you felt couldn’t really afford it which was a little depressing. We had a venture scout, a scout, a cub and a beaver and I can unequivocally state that, if you want to sell tickets, then beavers are the business. This little six year old pulled them all in with her enthusiastic bell ringing (small angel sized bell). She was in Michael’s old school so he was able to offer her some sage advice on how to handle the teachers. While we were selling tickets, Mr. Waffle and Daniel were off at a GAA match. Daniel’s team won comprehensively and he was pleased. We all arrived back to the house about lunchtime, including herself from her friend’s house. Quick lunch turnaround and then up to the church fair where herself and Daniel were singing carols at 2. Mr. Waffle drove Michael in to drama at 2.30. I bought various Christmassy items at the fair and, although it was freezing, a reasonably good time was had by all. Mr. Waffle picked up Michael from town at 4 and I went in to look disconsolately at possible throws and cushions for the sofa of doom. No joy. Ikea beckons.

On Sunday morning, Mr. Waffle and Michael went to mass in Irish and then on to hockey. Herself, Daniel and I went to mass together where they sang (beautifully I have to say, our choir mistress has done a wonderful job with the choir) and then stayed for rehearsal where they sang lots of lovely Christmas songs.

Back home to lunch with Mr. Waffle’s parents. It was a bit of a rush and I think that they were waiting patiently in their car when he got back from hockey with Michael. Herself was going into town to meet friends and I had promised to drop her in so, after a quick lunch, we abandoned the grandparents but I was back in time to have a cup of tea with them. After they left, a couple came from Bray to take away the old sofa which we had offered on freecycle. They sat on it and declared that it was too uncomfortable to take even for free. They were very pleasant and apologetic but while I sympathise, I was not entirely delighted.

Then Mr. Waffle and I decided to take a trip into town for ourselves. We abandoned the boys to Christmas test prep (school Christmas tests start tomorrow, there is a certain amount of tension around as I type) and went in to the National Gallery and then off for a cup of tea. Herself agreed to join us for tea. I picked her up in a bookshop where she was with her friends. I found myself asking one of them whether having that enormous rip in the knee of her jeans was conducive to keeping warm in December. I am my worst nightmare. Herself seemed unphased by my extreme parentness. She had just, unwisely in my view, spent €9 of her own money on “The Great Gatsby” because she loves it. Given that we have, at least one and probably two copies in the house and Christmas is coming, I felt that she could have played that better especially when she explained that she only had €7 and had to get the extra €2 from her friend M.

And how was your own weekend?

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