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The sound of elastic snapping

It’s 38 degrees today. No air conditioning in our sunny flat. No air conditioning in my sunny office. And I am busy, busy, busy. Mr. Waffle isn’t exactly idle at work either but he’s been picking up a lot of the slack at home, while I hunch over a hot computer post 9.30 when our children finally go to bed. Need I say that both of us are up regularly during the night?

Yesterday the creche rang me to say that they would replace the cover of our car seat which got dirtied in their building works.

Me: Sorry, I didn’t see it, my husband collected the boys.

Them: But later when you saw it at home, how was it?

Me: My husband had put it in the wash. And he hung it out to dry and he dropped the boys to the creche this morning because I left the house at 7.30 for an 8.00 am meeting, so I have no idea what the damage is, but I’d say it washed out alright or he would have mentioned it.

Them: Silence.

Me: See, in our household, my husband looks after that kind of thing.

I feel that I am a cliché, running all day at work and running at home and only just managing to catch some of the balls that are in the air. At work, if I don’t write something down, I have no chance of remembering it and even then, some of my notes from the previous day can be baffling (is that somebody’s name, a new policy initiative, what?). As well as having a lot of the kind of competing deadlines that interviewers love to ask about we have a new trainee who is keen as mustard and entirely ignorant about what we do. This combination is proving a little difficult in the short term.

Yesterday, the boys were the last kiddies in the creche and the Princess was the last one waiting to be picked up from her course, the second last little soul having been picked up by her mother 50 minutes previously. The Princess was sitting on her own in a big room at a little table colouring conscientiously under the, slightly dour, supervision of a middle aged man (I suppose, it was hot and he wanted to go home). It was depressing.

Last night Michael woke up with a temperature and was up for a couple of hours. Being Michael, he was cheerful but he was hot. Since it was 30 degrees in the boys’ room anyway, I suspect that didn’t help. The Princess woke up with a temperature. Mr. Waffle took the morning off to tend to her but poor old Michael recovered so well that he was escorted to the creche along with our only healthy child and a message to them to call me, if he seemed unhappy (I called them, he was described as being as happy as someone could be with a temperature of 39 when it’s 39 degrees outside – I will have to rescue him when the Princess wakes from her nap). During the morning Mr. Waffle called to say that the Princess was very cheerful but he had taken her to the pharmacy to get something for her heat rash and they said “that’s no heat rash, that’s chicken pox”. What do you think might be wrong with Michael, people?

11 Responses to “The sound of elastic snapping”

  1. geepeemum Says:

    I am uncertain whether to laugh or cry with you…. Please never stop finding the time to blog!

  2. kristin Says:

    i see some oatmeal baths and calamine lotion in your future.

  3. Brother Lawrence Says:

    I am saving this post to show to the next unlucky brother who whines about the lack of air conditioning in the monastery. Spoiled wimps they are!

  4. LondonMom Says:

    Ahhh missus W – thinking of you…positive thoughts coming over the warm Channel (was at the beach on Sunday and can verify that the water was actually warm). Chin up!

  5. Norah Says:

    Waffle! I’m stressed just reading that.

  6. pog Says:

    I second Ms Splog.

  7. Kate Says:

    Uh-oh. Have you had to confess to the creche?

  8. lilo Says:

    Still – it’s best they have it when they’re young – I know that this shred of silver hardly constitutes a lining, but it’s the best I could come up with.

  9. minks Says:

    Blimey. All in this heat, as well. xx

  10. CAD Says:

    I’m truly scared how I’m going to cope when I return to work in 6 weeks’ time after eleven months off. Especially as I am most definitely NOT married to Mr Waffle. Mine wouldn’t notice a stained car seat if it stood up and hit him and certainly wouldn’t have a notion how to dismantle it, wash it – and much more tricky – put it back on!

  11. belgianwaffle Says:

    Thank you all for the sympathy. I really enjoyed that.

    Kate, did confess to the creche but they didn’t seem too pushed so rather cravenly gave them the boys. If they get it, I suspect a lot of summer holidays will be itchy. Please don’t hate me.

    CAD, 11 months, I’m amazed…we must catch up and you can tell me how it’s all going. On car seat, it was only a maxi cosi now, not one of those forward facing seats, let’s not get carried away here.

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