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Not Biblical

A couple of weeks ago I was cycling along in the rain and did something that I haven’t done in about 20 years. I got my bike caught in the tramlines, a deeply unpleasant experience. However, when it happened to me in Brussels, I was younger and fitter and I remember coming down quite hard. My usual cycling pace is now just faster than a walk and I knew that would be a good thing at some point. I fell over gracelessly but very slowly, sprawling full length on the damp cobbles. The only injury sustained, other than to my dignity and my coat, was a nasty bruise on my ring finger. Two passers-by rushed to help me up. As I thanked them, I recognised them as fellow parishioners.

I told Mr. Waffle about the mishap that evening. “And guess who the good Samaritans who picked me up were?” He failed to guess. I told him. “Rather, entry level good Samaritan isn’t it: someone you know from the parish, not very badly injured.” Fine.

2 Responses to “Not Biblical”

  1. Charles Lock Says:

    Whoever picks you up and dusts you off has my vote. The shock of falling over gets greater as you get older, as a child it’s part of life, as an adult it is an event. Glad to hear you are unscathed.

  2. belgianwaffle Says:

    Thank you Charles. I am entirely recovered although I continue to regard the spot where I fell with considerable nervousness when I cycle past.

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