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The Struggle Continues

I have recently covered how ideologically opposed I am to Kildare Village (outlet shopping) in principle while being strangely attracted to it in practice.

When we went down to the wedding in East Cork a couple of weeks ago, we stopped off for breakfast in the Pain Quotidien in Kildare Village which I loved. Mr. Waffle was distinctly less impressed as he sipped from his bowl of weak tea. “It’s all very well abroad,” said he, “but I am in Kildare and it seems outrageous to be drinking this kind of tea when I know that everywhere around me perfectly good, normal tea is available.” I left him to brood over his tea while I went for a quick run around the shops. I bought some Penhaligon Bluebell perfume which my father used to bring from London to my mother. When I met my sister that evening, I said, “Smell this!” and held up my wrist and she instantly recognised it. I’m wearing it all the time now although I do seem to be mildly allergic to it and it makes me sneeze which I concede is sub-optimal. Like my relationship with Kildare Village.

Did I mention it has a Villeroy and Bosch shop? I love Villeroy and Bosch.

6 Responses to “The Struggle Continues”

  1. eimear Says:

    They also have Zwilling J.A. Henckels which brand name make me think vaguely of the Reformation somehow. They appear to be trying to edge into the Alessi knickknack market a little bit.

    Anyhow well done on your NaNoBloMo, you have a fine turn of phrase and it is a pleasure when I am, say, on hold for something in work, to click through and enjoy one of these vignettes.

  2. belgianwaffle Says:

    Eimear, do not put further temptation in my way. Thanks for kind comments on blogging, though.

  3. MT Says:

    Pedant alert. It’s Villeroy and Boch. Pronounced Bock, so I’m told.

  4. belgianwaffle Says:

    Yes, I knew it was Boch but made a mistake, have to say I thought it was pronounced like the German manufacturer. It’s Luxembourgish though, isn’t it? Look at them, keeping me on my toes.

  5. MT Says:

    I always said Bosch too, until I was told otherwise. Now I try to avoid talking about it. I think it is Luxembourgisch. On my only visit to to Grand Duchy, there was tonnes of it for sale in a street market there.

  6. belgianwaffle Says:

    I am very bitter as I have visited Luxembourg several times and never seen a street market. Little did I know what treasures were available.

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