Today is my due date

Is there any news? There is not. Well, I bought a new teapot, does that count? I thought that my ticker ruler might do something exciting to celebrate but it’s just sitting there stolidly saying “0 days left” so I’m going to remove it in a huff.



on 23 September 2005 at 10:53

They’re obviously comfy in there. Or waiting for ‘their’ new car to turn up.


on 23 September 2005 at 11:00

Whoo! Congratulations on your new teapot!


on 23 September 2005 at 12:05

one sugar and a chocolate digestive please!



on 23 September 2005 at 13:20

A new teapot is ALMOST as exciting as twins, right?
I’ll be thinking about you. Best wishes to the family of five!


on 23 September 2005 at 13:41

going past due date with twins, is almost unheard of, they must be way to comfy in there, go for a bumpy car ride, and a really hot curry.


on 23 September 2005 at 15:34

Well not tooo fast now newshoes because the doctor isn’t back until tomorrow night.
Pog, it’s here, drove around in it today. Bloody enormous.
Norah, I knew you’d be pleased for me and two sweeties. Ta very much.
Jojo, all sweet things are banned – you must suffer with me.
Angela, even more exciting from some angles, I guess.
Amerly, well maybe I should enjoy this time…


on 23 September 2005 at 15:38

In that case, I expect they’ll be making an appearance shortly, ay?


on 23 September 2005 at 15:43

Come out little ‘uns!


on 23 September 2005 at 23:04

In that case, raspberry leaf – straight, with a side of ryvita (how on earth do you spell that?)


on 24 September 2005 at 12:50

Presume so, pog…
But it’s kind of quiet without them Chintzy.
Jojo, wish I’d seen this sage advice before I went shopping this morning.


on 26 September 2005 at 16:26

That’s a shame – I was looking forward to some sort of spangly, explosive finale from your ticker as well. How disappointing. Oh well. I suppose the eventual arrival of the twins will be exciting itself. Well, a bit.